Stand ground for you

Text geschrieben von Claudia Prinz,  Januar 2024

Instead of trying to toughen up 
and develop thicker skin, 
she decided to create boundaries 
that honor her soft courage and sensitivity.

Instead of denying her sacred feminine voice of intuition, 
she decided to listen and choose ways, 
that lead her away from paths of suffering and suppression.

Instead of keeping herself small 
„in the name of love“ and relationships, 
she decided to stand her ground and walk away, 
from what no longer was aligned within her deepest knowing.

Instead of drinking more hidden and obvious poison and lies, 
she decided to leave the (c)old cages of familiarity and rewrite her story - 
leading her back to herself and towards selflove.

Never cling to what isn’t meant for you.
Choose your truth.
Trust your knowing.
Again. And again.


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