people pleasing harms you

25.Juni 2019 by Claudia Prinz

I rather choose to be alone, 
than spend time with a person, who does not see my light.

I rather choose to be on my own, than walk next to someone, 
who does not value my company.

I rather choose to be my own best lover, 
than spent intimate moments with someone, 
who only (ab)uses me for their pleasure.

I rather choose to be my own muse, 
than share creativity with someone, 
who only steals my time and inspiration.

I rather choose to give pleasure to myself, 
then give it to someone, 
who does not breath the circle of life´s giving and taking.

This may not seem nice, kind and people pleasing to you.
Well, its not.
But it is the most authentic presence, 
in learning to become a grown*ass woman.

Being authentic is a life long lesson. 
And in doing so, you will piss people off. 
Specially those, who are so used to it, 
you serving them to their expectations.

Being authentic requires letting down the social mask and the good girl conditioning.

And instead - getting real with your most inner self - whole hearted being.

Doing more of what FEELS GOOD FOR YOU, 
and not what serves anybody else.

Speaking your truth and making yourself vulnerable, 
and standing your ground in that truth.

No matter how much emotions and feelings of guilt shake your body and soul. 
Let life flow through you.
Shake it off.
And dance further.
Just like nothing ever happened. 

You got this!